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Church Planting: Tajikistan

Population: 8,612,000

Unreached: 98.5%

Every year hundreds of thousands of children are born in Tajikistan, into a world where they will never hear the name of Jesus. They will never meet a christian. And they will never experience God’s love for them. They will be born a Muslim, grow up a Muslim and know only Islam, because there are no other options. If you believe God has called us to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth, then help us bring access to the life-giving message of the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Tajikistan who are dying without ever hearing it. God may be calling you to become a missionary and carry the Gospel there yourself. He may be asking you to sacrifice your time, money and resources to support those who will go. Or, most importantly, you can be a faithful prayer warrior.

Church Planting: Kyrgyzstan

Population: 5,763,000

Unreached: 90.9%

There are 5 million people in Kyrgyzstan waiting to have an encounter with the living God. They are waiting to hear the greatest story that has ever been told. We need people like you who are passionate about the word of God to join us in planting churches, so the people of Kyrgyzstan will have access to the Gospel. The best part is that He has already prepared you with skills and experiences to be used in Kyrgyzstan. Come practice law or business. Be a realtor, a barber. Be who God has made you and glorify Him while doing it. Not called to go? Support someone else, or a national church-planter. Above all else pray faithfully for workers and the harvest. What are you waiting for?

Church Planting: Uzbekistan

Population: 29,653,000

Unreached: 96.4%

The beginnings of a vibrant national church are prospering in Uzbekistan fueled by persecution. God does not call us to timidity, to a life of safety and comfort. He is calling us to step outside of ourselves and place Him and His mission as our first priority. Does this call include you? If you are a christian – of course it does. Is He calling you to leave your home and carry the Gospel to the unreached? If He is, just ask how Crossover can partner with you to preach Jesus where He has never been taught, to build on no one else’s foundations, to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Pastor Conference

When:  March

Who:  National Pastors in Central Asia

The humble men and women who are our primary missionaries in Central Asia are not foreigners, but are nationals – the very people who not so long ago were called unreached, outsiders, muslims. Now they are pastors, disciples, mentors, leaders working to reach their families, cities and countries for the Gospel. Our role in their ministries is to support them. Every year we travel into Central Asia to provide them with valuable training to strengthen them in their labors. And and every year we are encouraged and inspired by their dedication to God’s glory. There are many ways which you may join us and support the unsung heroes of the Mission of God. 

Wives Conference

When:  November

Who: Women Leaders in Central Asia

When we say we conduct a wives conference every year in Central Asia we are not simply speaking about the spouses of our missionary workers. These women are leaders in the national churches of Central Asia. Often, these women are by necessity the missionaries. This conference provides opportunities for these women to share the Gospel and love on other women in their society who are marginalized under an oppressive religion and encourages these leaders to fight the good fight. And you can be an integral part of this event.

Short-Term Trips

When:  May – August

How Long:  10 days

We are sending Short-term teams into Central Asia from Moldova in an effort to spread the global vision of God’s Mission to the nations and to recruit missionaries to Go. This is not a model of missions from the west to the rest, but from the redhead to the unreached and there are ready and willing christians right here in Moldova ready to be used by God. If you are a Moldovan interested in answering God’s call to cross-cultural ministry join us on this journey. Other ways you can be involved are by sponsoring individuals to join us on these teams and to heap up prayers for Moldova to be a missionary force for the Gospel.