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Our Story

What started as a small ministry motivated to reach cities of the collapsed Soviet Union in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, has transformed over the years into a globally-integrated movement with three sending bases: Crossover-USA (1987), Crossover-Brazil (1996), and Crossover-Moldova (2004). By God’s grace, we have planted more than 300 churches with on-going ministry on six continents. But there is much more to do.

When Crossover-Moldova was founded in 2004, we naturally became the flagship for ministry within Eurasia. From one post-Soviet Republic to another, the Gospel could spread unhindered through a shared history and language. By 2007 we had sent out our first missionary and by 2011 we had planted 25 new churches amongst the largest, unreached people-groups in Central Asia. Now, our vision has grown nearly 100 fold. . .

Our Vision

We are painting the picture we see in Revelations 7:9-10; a great multitude from every nation crying out to God in all the languages of earth, and yet with one voice we cry blessings and honor and glory to our God forever and ever. This is our vision, and we believe the best way to accomplish this is through the Church, the very strategy God instituted with the apostles. The number one obstacle to the Gospel taking root across the world is simply this – nearly half the people on this planet will live their entire lives from birth to death without ever hearing about Jesus, reading the Bible or meeting a Christian. Through the planting of multiplying churches amongst these unreached peoples, we are creating points of access to the life saving message of the Gospel.

Our Vision for 2020, in partnership with the global Crossover team, is to establish 2,000 churches among the unreached peoples of the world by the year 2020. From Moldova to Central Asia. Uzbekistan. Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan and more. These are all countries where the exact number of Christians is unknown because persecution forces them into underground movements and because there really are so few – we are talking about fractions of one percent of the populations are Evangelical Christians. It is into this darkness we are stepping to bring the light of the Gospel and to plant thousands of churches.

His Mission

The Mission of God has always been to draw people near to Him. In the Old Testament God sets apart Israel to be “a blessing to all nations.” (Gen. 12:3). A Holy nation to proclaim His name throughout the ages. Time and time again He restored His people so that all of the world might know about Him and what kind of God He is. At the climax of His redemptive story God becomes a man to “seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10). Jesus did not come in power and splendor to be an earthly King with land and borders. Rather, He mad Himself nothing (Phil. 2:7) with nothing majestic or particularly attractive about Him (Isaiah 53:2) so that though Him the lost may be found (Matt. 18:10-14), to reconcile all peoples from every nation to Himself.

When Jesus conquered death, once and for all restoring our sin-broken relationship with God, He cried out “It is finished!” (John 19:30). Yet, the mission continues. The work of Jesus is complete, making it possible for us to draw near to God. And He charges His disciples – anyone who follows Him – to proclaim the Good News to every nation, every people on earth (Mark 16:15). This was their calling. . . This is our calling. . . This is your calling!

Join us in fulfilling God’s Mission amongst every nation of the world.

Project Moldova

Millions are waiting for your testimony!

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. The average Moldovan will live on less than $6 per day; and even though it is an Orthodox country, he or she will die never hearing the good news of Jesus Christ. Through our partnership with local churches and pastors we are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and caring for the widow and the orphan. Most importantly, the people of Moldova are hearing the word of God! Please join us in fulfilling the Mission of God in this beautiful country.

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Project Central Asia

Do you have a heart for the nations? 

Central Asia is in dire need of the Gospel. Hundreds of millions there have never heard the truth about Jesus and may never have a chance to – unless. . . You give your time, talent and resources. Unless you go and tell them! Unless you pray! In a Muslim dominated region of the world, we need your help to provide access to Jesus by planting churches, training national leaders and supporting these ministries and missionaries.

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Our Partners

God does not send us out alone, but provides friends so that we may lift one another up and have a better return for our work (Ecc 4:9-12).